Love Is Alive Its all around us.  Reach out and take it. These are words that were penned by my mother, poet, Ann H. Brown in her book of poems entitled Love Is Alive. Her book addresses love in all forms and fashion: Love of God, Love of family, Love of your lover, and  Love of nature, are all included.  Ann Brown also happens to be my Mother and my inspiration.

Love is Alive

  • A book of poems written by Ann H Brown.  Collected by Phyllis Robinson.

    "Love is Alive"

    "It’s all around you

    Reach out and take it"


    All of the poems in this book are about relationships. Emotions between parents, children, friends, and people in general are here. Even inanimate things of nature are here.

    Everyone loves, likes, enjoys, respects, and reaches out to something. All of these feelings are akin to love.

    You will find in this book, some form of love that is a part of any and everyone’s life.